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The Apprentice Rules - The Apprentice can teach us a great deal about business in the real world. Read our weekly articles and columns on what we can learn from The Apprentice and then join the discussion in our boardroom to see how you can apply the rules of business to your own work life and succeed!

The Apprentice Blog - Up to date blog on everything Apprentice. "The Apprentice Blog - Season 5. Everyone's an Armchair MBA" What will get them the job? Learning or leadership? Book smarts or street smarts? Business savvy, short skirts or skills?" This site hashes out everything to do with the philosophies of business. They have an interesting interview with "The Donald" himself and cast pictures and bios. Episode recaps and commentary.
The Apprentice Reality TV Network - Join the online Apprentice community with an active rumor mill, message board, spoilers, pictures, updated articles and episode recaps for The new season of The Apprentice.
You're FIRED - Have a question to ask Mr. Donald Trump? Want to pitch him a business idea? Now is your chance! Send your question to and we'll post it here on this website. We'll also try to make sure his people see it. Who knows? Maybe The Donald will read it himself!

Fans of Reality TV - The Apprentice 5 - This site now requires registration, but there is a mess of fan information waiting there. A dedicated group of 40,000 Apprentice fans share their opinions here. All the gossip fit to print, and more. 800 and counting straight up, no-frills Apprentice fan forums, massive amounts of Apprentice information spanning many seasons. A must see for any fan.