17. Toying With Disaster

First aired: 9/9/2004    Production Code: 201

The much-anticipated second season of the critically acclaimed series The Apprentice begins with a bang - with 18 new contestants and lots of new challenges. The first of these tasks is to design a new toy for Mattel. Apex, the all-female team led by Bradford, designs a remote-controlled car, where the car parts can be changed while Mosaic, the all-male team led by Pamela, designs an action figure line. Mattel chooses to go with Apex's design. As a reward, Apex is treated to dinner with Mr. Trump and his fiance in his penthouse. In the boardroom, Rob is fired because he chose to underutilize himself during the task, something that Mr. Trump does not like.

Guest star: Melania Knauss (Herself)

18. Scoop Dreams

First aired: 9/16/2004    Production Code: 202

This week's task is to develop a new flavor of ice cream for Ciao Bella Ice Cream, and then sell the most. Mosaic developed Donut Flavored Ice Cream, and Apex developed Red Velvet Flavored Ice Cream. Then the teams moved to street corners to sell. Apex ran into a problem when the corner they chose was already occupied by a licensed vendor. Apex was forced to move to a new corner, but couldn't decide, so they split up in half. After passing by Mosaic's set up, Apex realized they should be together. Stacie J. was asked to give directions, and she made a mistake. Apex made $2,472.29; and Mosaic made $2,707.85. Mosaic was treated to champagne and caviar, and Apex was sent to the boardroom, where Bradford was fired for relinquishing his exemption from the boardroom..

19. Send in the Crowns

First aired: 9/23/2004    Production Code: 203

This week's task is to create the most "buzz" in New York City for the newest flavor of Crest toothpaste with everything from cash giveaways endorsed by flamethrowers (Mosaic) to cavity-free baseball catchers (Apex). Apex would have won, except they went $5000 over budget, so Mosaic won, and as a prize they won a trip on the Queen Mary II. Apex was sent to the boardroom, where Stacie J. was fired.

Guest star: Mike Piazza (Himself)

20. The Last Supper

First aired: 9/29/2004    Production Code: 204

This week's task is to run a New York City restaurant, and recieve the highest Zagat Rating. Apex recieved a score of 57, and Mosaic scored a 61. Mosaic, as their prize, met former New York City Mayor Rudy Guilianni. Apex was sent to the boardroom, where Jennifer C. was fired.

Guest star: Rudolph Giuliani (Himself)

21. Lights! Camera! Transaction!

First aired: 10/7/2004    Production Code: 205

This week's task is selling products live on the QVC Television Network. Apex chose to sell "It Works", a home cleaner, and sold 659 copies of the product for a total of $17,944.57. Mosaic chose to sell the DeLonghi Grill, and only sold 252 grills, but with a more expensive product, sold $17, 955 worth. As Mosaic's prize, they were treated to a tennis match with John McEnroe and Anna Kournikova. Apex took yet another trip to the boardroom, where The Donald told Pamela, "You're Fired".

Guest star: John McEnroe (Himself), Anna Kournikova (Herself)

22. Crimes of Fashion

First aired: 10/14/2004    Production Code: 206

This week's task is to design and sell new lines of clothing. Mosaic sold $7,735, and Apex sold $22,060 worth of clothes. As a reward, Apex was treated to a party with celebrities at Hugo Boss. Mosaic ended up in the boardroom, where John was fired.

23. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

First aired: 10/21/2004    Production Code: 207

Before this week's task begins, Trump calls the teams back to the boardroom, where he orders a corporate restructure, asking the imminent project managers to send three people from their respective teams over to the other corporation, thus mixing up the men and women. The first co-ed task of season two deals with dogs - the teams must create a business that deals with dogs, and whichever team makes the most money will be declared the winner. When the two new teams meet back in the boardroom, they find out that the new Apex had earned more than twice that of Mosaic. As a reward, Apex meets the current New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Mosaic ends up back in the boardroom, where Stacy R. is fired for hardly participating in the task and, more importantly, for being a distraction to the other members of the team.

Guest star: Allen Weisselberg (Himself - Sub for George), Michael R. Bloomberg (Himself)

24. A Tale of Two Leaders

First aired: 10/28/2004    Production Code: 208

The candidates team up with Donny Deutsh again, this time to design an advertisement for the New York City Police Department recruiting campaign. Andy steps up as project manager for Mosaic, determined to show the others that he can lead a team to greatness. He develops a heart-touching ad, to the surprise of his teammates, while Apex PM Elizabeth makes few decisions, resulting in failure for her team. Donny chooses Mosaic's campaign as the better one, and as a reward, the "corporation" is treated to an airing of their campaign in Times Square. As for Apex, they are sent to the boardroom again, where the frazzled Elizabeth is fired with her entire team in the boardroom with her.

Guest star: Donny Deutsch (Himself)

25. Bringing Down the House

First aired: 11/4/2004    Production Code: 209

This week's task is to renovate homes on Long Island, and have the biggest increase in value to the property. To aid the contestants with the task, Trump gave each team $20,000; and allowed each team to take two of the first four fired candidates to assist them. Mosaic was given Rob and Jennifer C., and Apex was given Bradford and Stacie J. After being appraised, the teams met back in the boardroom, where they found out that Apex increased 7.14%, and Mosaic increased 10.26%. As a reward, Mosaic went to view the magnificent home of Denise Rich in the Hamptons. As for Apex, they went to that familliar place known as "The Boardroom", where Raj was fired.

26. Runaway Pride

First aired: 11/11/2004    Production Code: 210

This week's task is to open up a bridal shop and earn the most money during a four hour sale. With Sandy's expertise in the Bridal Shop industry, Mosaic sold 27 dresses for $12,788.94; whereas Apex sold $1060.47 out of 2 dresses. As their reward, Mosaic was able to purchase $50,000 worth of diamond jewelry for themselves. And for the third week in a row, Apex ended up in the boardroom, where Chris was fired.

Guest star: Melania Knauss (Herself)

27. The Butt Stops Here

First aired: 11/18/2004    Production Code: 211

This week's task is to design a new catalog campaign for Levi's Jeans. At Mosaic, tempers fly between the team and Maria, who feels that she should lead the task. Project Manager Wes does little to help the matter when he opts not to step in and silence Maria. Over at Apex, PM Kevin comes up with a creative idea - having his team model the jeans for the catalog. Jen shines, and during their presentations, Ivana gets angry when Jen seems to take credit for her idea to make a "fit card" for the catalog. In the end, the Levi's executives choose Apex as the winners, and they are rewarded with time with Billy Joel. As for Mosaic, they are sent to the boardroom, where Trump fires first Maria, and then Wes.

Guest star: Melania Knauss (Herself) , Billy Joel (Himself), Gary Lane (Jeans Model (uncredited)), Larry Lane (Jeans Model (uncredited))

28. The Pepsi Challenged

First aired: 11/25/2004    Production Code: 212

This week's task is to design a new bottle as well as a campaign for Pepsi's new softdrink, Pepsi Edge. Pepsi ultimately chose the design/campaign from team Apex. As their reward, Apex drove Lamborghinis around a racetrack. Mosaic ended up in the boardroom, where Andy was fired.

29. A Look Back (2)

First aired: 12/1/2004    Production Code: 213

Donald Trump takes us back through what has happened so far in season two, including the highlights, the tasks, and more. He tells why he fired who he fired, as well as showing never-before-seen footage of the candidates and of the tasks.

30. Sweet & Lowdown

First aired: 12/2/2004    Production Code: 214

This week's task is to produce and sell the Mazing candy bar, a product of M&Ms. Apex made $560.75, and Mosaic made $1,023.11. As their reward, Mosaic flew to Chicago to tour the new building project headed by Bill Rancic. As for Apex, they went to the boardroom, where Ivana was fired.

Guest star: Bill Rancic (Himself)

31. Intellectual Horsepower (1)

First aired: 12/9/2004    Production Code: 215

This week's task is to be interviewed by some top executives from large corporations. Two people were fired, Kevin and Sandy. Kelly and Jen were given their final tasks, Kelly- to manage a Polo match, and Jen- to manage a charity basketball game. To assist, Trump allowed six previously fired candidates to return, and three to each remaining candidate. Kelly chose Elizabeth, John, and Raj; while Jennifer chose Chris, Pamela, and Stacy R. And now the final tasks begin.

Guest star: Janice Luvera (Herself - Genworth Representative), Robert Kraft (Himself - Interviewer), Alan Greenberg (Himself - Interviewer), Dawn Hudson (Herself - Interviewer), Alan Jope (Himself - Interviewer)

32. Decision Time (2)

First aired: 12/16/2004    Production Code: 216

The final tasks continue, Jen managing the charity basketball game, and Kelly managing a polo event. The tasks end, and the two remaining candidates enter the final boardroom. Donald claimed to be undecided still, so asked for help from people sitting in the audience, as well as some of the fired candidates. After a long debate, Kelly was crowned The Apprentice for Season Two. For his job, Kelly chose a building project in New York City.

Director: Glenn Weiss
Guest star: Shandon Anderson (Himself), Jason Collins (Himself), Juan Dixon (Himself), Michael Finley (Himself), Drew Gooden (Himself), Larry Hughes (Himself), Mark Jackson (Himself), Brevin Knight (Himself), Corey Maggette (Himself), Amal McCaskill (Himself), Dikembe Mutombo (Himself), Morris Peterson (Himself), Tayshaun Prince (Himself), Kareem Rush (Himself), Amare Stoudemire (Himself), Dwyane Wade (Himself), Tony Bennett (Himself)

33. Decision Time (3)

First aired: 12/16/2004    Production Code: 217

No synopsis since parts 1 2 and 3 are the same episode, only broken down for syndication purposes.

Guest star: Melania Knauss (Herself) , Allen Weisselberg (Himself - Audience Member), Lt. Col. Andrew Hergenrother (Himself - Audience Member), Michael Frazier (Himself - Audience Member), Regis Philbin (Himself - Reunion Co-Host), Jill Hennessey (Herself - Breif Cameo in Audience), David Stern (Himself), Bob Lanier (Himself), Sugar Ray Leonard (Himself), The O'Jays (Themselves), Matthew Calamari (Himself - Audience Member), Allen Jope (Himself - Audience Member)

34. Decision Time (4)

First aired: 12/16/2004    Production Code: 218

No synopsis since parts 1 2 and 3 are the same episode, only broken down for syndication purposes.