Bill Rancic

Winner. Season One - The Apprentice Owner’s Representative, Trump Tower, Chicago.  Bill Rancic , the winner of NBC’s The Apprentice, is 32 years old and now resides in Lincoln Park, Illinois. Rancic grew up in the modest suburbs of Chicago where he attended Carl Sandberg High School and went on to receive his B.S. degree from Loyola University, graduating cum laude in 1994...

  Bill Rancic early on learned the art of negotiating, as he had to compete for bathroom time with his three older sisters. His parents were both successful educators. Rancic’s father, who passed away in 1999 after a battle with cancer, was a school superintendent and college professor while his mother worked as a school principal and now serves as an adjunct professor.

Proven to be a hard worker all his life, the profits Bill Rancic earned from his own boat wash and wax business helped pay for his college tuition. Rancic is an example of a true entrepreneur. He founded eight years ago in a 400-square-foot studio apartment with very little money. Today it is a thriving multi-million dollar national operation that is part of a publicly traded company, Synergy Brands (sybr/nasdaq). While Rancic still manages the day-to-day operation of the cigar business, he is also making a name for himself in the Chicago real estate market. Rancic is a sought-after speaker at major universities and corporations where he speaks about how, through hard work and “thinking-out-of-the-box,” success can be achieved even against the worst odds. He also helps to pass on this message to the residents of the Mercy Home for Boys where he has volunteered as a tutor for underprivileged kids for four years.

When it comes to adventure, Bill Rancic is ready to join in. He enjoys water-skiing, snowboarding and scuba diving and has run in two Chicago Marathons. His father taught him the art of living a balanced life and always took the time to enjoy even the simplest pleasures. With this in mind, Rancic is careful to not take even the littlest things for granted.

Having the opportunity to participate in The Apprentice is something for which Bill Rancic will be forever grateful. The opportunity to learn from the best, coupled with the challenge of competing against 15 other successful participants was an offer Rancic couldn’t refuse. He now finds satisfaction in being a role model for other people who are trying to achieve what he has worked so hard for… the American dream. Rancic has proven that the American dream is still alive, and that hard work and determination are still a recipe for success in this country.

Bill Rancic has been fortunate to have many achievements in his life but is most proud of the creation of the Dr. Edward T. Rancic scholarship fund. After the loss of his father, Rancic and his sisters created the fund to assist students who are in financial need and have the desire to become educators. Rancic is also an advocate supporter in National Institution for Health, as well as the Youth Aids society. He is currently working for the Trump Organization, as well as completing his book from Harper’s Collins due out this fall, the working title is “‘You’re Hired’ an Inspirational Book About How to Succeed in Life and Business from the winner of The Apprentice.”